Happy Egging

Happy Egging

Ukrainian EggCessories is proud to be the exclusive retailer of Happy Eggings’ laser cut products for Pysanky.

Happy Egging has the following pysanky tools to help you divide your egg into perfect divisions. These are accessories to the craft lathe used by many Pysanky enthusiasts.

  • Divider Rings (Accessory for egg craft lathe)
  • Self-Storing Lathe Table (Accessory for egg craft lathe)

    Happy Egging Pysanky Tools for dividing eggshells

    Download your free Happy Egging User Guides for both the Self-Storing Lathe Table & Divider Rings by clicking on this link. 

    Happy Egging products are designed by Canadian designer and illustrator Jennifer E Kwong. She has also designed egging-related mugs and tees which are available at redbubble: 


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