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#8 - Drapanka (Scratched Eggs) with Nadia Gennings - Sunday August 21th - 10:00am - 12:00pm


by Nadia Gennings

Sunday August 21th - 10:00am - 12:00pm - Event Tent

In this hands-on demo, I will:

  • Show the different types of tools people use to achieve this technique.
  • Demonstrate the technique of scratching the egg.
  • Share the basics of either planning and drawing a design or freeform on an egg shell.
  • Give you time to practice some scratch designs on paper
  • Give you a chance to start on a real egg. 
  • Offer hand outs of simple design/flowers you can follow to scratch your first designs

Students will need to bring their own egg dyed a very dark colour, and stay away from blues (they tend to rub off) as well as kleenex or glove to hold the egg, a pencil, suction cups if you have them, and a measuring tape. 

cost $10 CAD per person. Please pay Nadia in cash at the retreat. 

(10+ people & up to 65 people)

About Nadia:

I am a self-taught Pysankarka, although being born to Ukrainian immigrant parents, my mother never learned the art. I taught myself while still in grade school, grade 4 I think,  after seeing ladies demonstrate how to write pysanky at the church. My father made me my first kistka, so with boiled crepe paper for dyes back then, I was off making pysanky. I was intrigued by the drapanka eggs, and so I also taught myself how to do this. I used to teach on how to make pysanky night school in my city.