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#1: Perfect Divisions and Grids using Grid Sheets with Karen Hanlon - Thursday August 18th - 3pm - 5pm

Perfect Divisions and Grids Using Grid Sheets,and “Cross Stitch” on Eggs with Wax

By Karen Hanlon

Thursday August 18th - 3pm - 5pm - Event Tent

Do you dislike having to use Math to figure out the exact spacing of divisions on your eggs? This demo shows a quick and simple method to get perfect divisions every time! It will also show you how to create grids of all sizes on your egg, and how to use the grid technique to reproduce cross stitch patterns on eggs using wax.

This Hands-On Demo will show:

  • The use of the grid strips sheet and quilling paper (both of which will be provided) to divide eggs into any number of perfectly even segments
  • How to easily divide your band into as many equal sections as you wish without using Math
  • How to make a perfectly even grid of any size, and how to adjust grids for the shape of the egg
  • How to plan a grid to fit a cross-stitch pattern of your choice, for use with dyes, scratch or wax techniques
  • How to grid for a repeating pattern on a vertical or horizontal band so that no spaces are left over
  • How to create wax grid “fabric” of whatever size you wish for your cross stitch pattern
  • How to make and apply the coloured waxes for filling in the patterns

This is a hands-on demo. You will need to bring eggs (of any type) and a pencil, and if you wish to practice with the wax, you will need a candle, beeswax, and candle-heated kistky (fine or X-fine, and medium). I will be available during the course of the weekend to guide you if you wish to complete an egg in this style. 


Grid strip sheets, quilling paper, coloured wax samples, a detailed handout and cross stitch patterns appropriate for eggs are included.

Cost: $10 CAD - please pay Karen at the retreat

(minimum 10 people - maximum 65)

About Karen:

I’ve been writing pysanky for over 30 years, and it is a great source of joy and peace for me. I work as the Director of Student Services at a small Catholic college in Ontario, and have four lovely grown children and four darling grandchildren.