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#3 - Natural Dyes: Yellow, Red, Black with Mar'yana Svarnyk - Friday August 19th - 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Natural Dyes: Yellow, Red, Black

By Mar’yana Svarnyk

Friday August 19th - 1:00pm - 3:00pm - Event Tent

In this presentation you will learn about 2-3 traditional natural sources of yellow, red, and black.

Each will be introduced with some of the historical background, you will be able to see/touch/smell these dyestuffs, learn about the different forms they come in, where to buy them, and how to prepare the dyes. 

You will see the eggs that have been dyed with these dyes and will be able to compare the different shades achieved. 

This is a seminar-style presentation, not a hands-on workshop, the actual prepared dyes will not be available.

Fee: $10 CAD per person. Please pay Mar'yana at the retreat

No minimum number of participants - maximum 65 participants

About Mar'yana:

Mar’yana was born and grew up in Ukraine, where she learnt how to make common as well as drop-pull pysanky initially from her grandmother, and later also from others. She is particularly interested in traditional pysanky patterns, as well as in the use of natural dyes on eggs. She is also very much fascinated by the history of dyes and their use and significance in different times and places.

Mar’yana has just completed a PhD thesis on the intersection of German philosophy and Canadian art. 

She currently lives in Regina, SK, Canada.