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11 - Hutsul Pysanky - Amelia Randich - Friday August 18th 5:00-7:00pm

Hutsul Pysanky

With Amelia Randich

Friday August 18th 5:00-7:00pm - Borealis Green Room

This is an advanced pysanka-writing class and will be very difficult for beginners. Please contact the teacher if you cannot divide an egg on your own or have limited practice using a kistka to discuss ways to modify the class for your skill level.

In this class, we will explore the exquisite, detailed patterns that set the Hutsul folk pysanky apart from other folk pysanky in Ukraine. The Hutsuls are an ethnic group that continued to practice the art of writing pysanky throughout the Soviet era due to their isolation in the Carpathian Mountains and still practice the art today. 

Famous also as artisans in ceramics and textiles, their pysanky are well known for more complicated divisions and using animal motifs such as deer and horses. 

Many of these intricate designs were the inspiration for the traditional diasporan (immigrant) and modern pysanky produced across the globe today. 

After a short introduction to Hutsul motifs and divisions, students will begin their own design in class from scratch. 

Instruction will be provided for specific divisions and motifs with strategies for measuring and writing.

Cost: $25 CAD per student plus $4 material fee. Please pay in CAD or USD cash equivalent for this workshop at the registration table Thursday morning.

$4 can be dropped if you don't want to keep the print materials

Maximum: 12 students


About Amelia:

I’m a fourth generation Ukrainian American through my mother’s side. I currently live in Scranton, PA, where I teach and research as an assistant professor of microbiology at the University of Scranton. I study the molecular evolution of bacterial growth and morphology. 

I have been a teacher at various pysanka retreats since 2015, including PysankyUSA and POTR. I teach several classes including history, drop-pull technique, Sorbian technique, and Hutsul pysanky.

I learned to write pysanky at a very young age (probably 4 or 5) and have done it ever since every Lent with my mother. When I moved to Chicago for graduate school, I started writing pysanky on my own and it soon became a year-round endeavor. I now try many techniques and sell pysanky online and one or two times a year at fine art shows. I write mainly traditional and diasporan designs, and my original designs often fall in the diasporan category as well. My favorite eggs to write on are chicken eggs, but enjoy working with duck eggs when they are behaving.

You can see my work by following my blog <>, my artist page "Amelia Randich" on Facebook, or my Instagram @ameliarandich.

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