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12 - Writing Etched Eggs in Tetiana Konoval Style - Janice Grabler - Saturday August 19, 8:00am-10:00am

Writing Etched Eggs in Tetiana Konoval Style

With Janice Grabler

Saturday August 19, 8:00am-10:00am - Borealis Green Room

Skill level:  Advanced

This workshop is full of how to write in Tetiana Konoval's technique but you'll also hear about what different symbols mean to her.

For instance when asked what the symbol in the first photo means, her reply was:

These are several elements put together in one composition. The main thing here is a rake. It is turned to the sky. Ukrainians believed that when they drew a rake, it meant a letter, an appeal to the forces of nature with a request to pour rain on the plowed and sown land so that the grain would germinate and bear fruit. "I checked - it really rains later😊". Probably coincidental, but I like it. I decorated this rake arbitrarily. A variety of rain-like lines descend behind them like a tail: wavy, dotted, curved jagged lines.

All this rain falls from the sky as LIVING WATER that fills the energy of the grains that need to germinate. 

(There are still curls there, this is the germ, the beginning). These are several elements made up into one piece. The point here is... There are other wrappers, this is the embryo, the beginning.

~ Tetiana

In this demo we will explore Tetiana's design elements, layering a design scape with etching.

  • We will talk a bit of safety when etching.
  • We will follow a simple design with a few of Tatiana’s favourite elements. 
  • We will build an egg into a sample of her type of work.
  • I will make a step by step picture hand out for writers to follow.
  • This will be a very hands on class, we will need to start writing as soon as possible to get a feel for her technique. And hopefully see a finished product.
  • I will share some of Tetiana's story of why she uses elements like stork, Tryzub, grapes, angels, village houses, etc. 

Supplies by participant:

  • two brown eggs divided and ends have circles that helps get us going. 
  • something to hold egg on table to write.
  • pencil
  • eraser white
  • kistka
  • wax

Supplies by Janice:

  • Felts yellow, blue, green pink, red, orange to colour parts of elements in design.


Cost: $25 CAD per student. Please pay in cash for this workshop at the registration table Thursday morning.

Maximum: 25 person maximum

About Janice:

Janice's Ukrainian heritage weaves into all areas of her life when she cooks, bakes, sews and of course when she writes pysanky. She loves to share the traditions with her family and especially her grandchildren. Janice learnt to write pysanky from her Baba's, her mother, her Ukrainian community and now she teaches and sells her pysanky and pysanka jewelry at local markets, fairs and Ukrainian museums.

Recently since the war started in Ukraine, Janice has connected with Ukrainian artist Tetiana Konoval who lives in Kyiv, Ukraine. Janice takes Tetiana's online courses and now recreates some of Tetiana's pysanky to sell at fundraisers so she can send financial support to help Tetiana manage through the war. 


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