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z #15 - Demo 2: Karen Hanlon - Perfect Divisions and Grids using Grid Sheets - Saturday June 13, 4:00pm-5:00pm

Perfect Divisions and Grids using Grid Sheets

By Karen Hanlon

 Do you dislike having to do math to figure out the exact spacing of the divisions on your egg? This demo shows a quick and simple method to get perfect divisions every time!

This demo will show
  • The use of the grid-strips sheet and quilling paper (both of which will be provided) to divide eggsintoany number of perfectly evensegments
  • How to easily divide your band into asmany sections as you wish withoutmath
  • How to make sure your repeating pattern willmeetwith no space leftover
  • How to make a perfectly even grid in any size,andhow to adjust grids for the shape of theegg
  • How to grid for a repeating pattern of any number of squares in horizontal or vertical bands, or on the face of the egg.
  • How to plan a grid to fit a cross-stitch patternofyour choice in wax, dye or scratchtechniques.
This is a hands-on demo. You will need to bring eggs (of any type) to practice on, and a fine-point pencil.

Cost: $5 CAD
no minimum or maximum participation
About Me:
I have been writing pysanky for 28 years, and it is a source of great joy and peace for me. I work full-time at a small Catholic college, and am the mother of 4 grown children and 2 darling grandchildren with one more on the way.
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