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20 - Acid Etching Eggs - Natalie K Kit - Sunday August 20, 2023 - 3:10pm-5:00pm

Acid Etching Eggs 

with Natalie K. Kit

Sunday August 20, 2023 - 3:10pm-5:00pm - Monarch Orange Lounge

You have probably seen photos of the delicate allure and sometimes the bold design statements than can be created on an eggshell through the process of acid etching. But what is acid etching; a question often asked. Simply, it’s using an acid to remove layers of calcium carbonate, the main component of an eggshell. Beeswax protects areas of the writing, creating a “raised” design.  

Workshop description… 

  • This is a hands-on workshop. Students will have the opportunity to have a one-on-one experience with my creative process and to write one of my original designs. It was created for PTO2023 for what I hope will be an immersive and in-depth experience for those participating in my acid etching workshop. 
  • Each student will receive one dark brown egg prepared with my design and an intimate look into my etching techniques. It is a progression etching creating multiple color layers in the design and ending with a white shell. It is an opportunity to add to what you already know and to try out this method in your own designs. 
  • A variety of kistka tip sizes will be used as the design requires MX, M & F lines and all tips should be thoroughly cleaned out for superior wax flow required for etching. I highly recommend the use of nitrile gloves as these brown eggs are very slippery and pencil tends to smudge. Gloves will also be needed for the etching. White wax is recommended for visibility as well as bringing a soft brush for scrubbing.
  • There will be an audio-visual presentation detailing the entire process of the egg undergoing the waxing stages, the etching process which takes place 4 times and then the final reveal. 
  • A brief discussion of products that can be used for acid etching eggs will be touched upon as well as some pros & cons. The workshop will use Safe Etch as the acid and precise etching times will be provided. Additionally, several hints and tips for applying beeswax for acid etching and egg varieties to try.

This is a completely hands on workshop. Experience is recommended, however, beginners looking for a challenge will not be disappointed. Take away materials with etching instructions will be well.

Cost: $25 CAD per student plus $5 material fee. Please pay either $30.00 CAD or $22USD in cash for this workshop at the registration table Thursday morning.

20 person maximum 

About Natalie:

Writing pysanky is an art and tradition that has been part of me for most of my life and learned from my mother. Creating a pysanka has never lost that intrinsic sense of magic and mystery; an activity where the motion of writing often provides entry into a creative universe where new ideas and perspectives come to life. Acid etching is a favorite specialty, although I love traditional regional Ukrainian folk designs (Podillya & Poltava particularly). However, most of my work has focused on original designs. In 2019 I was requested to submit an original design to the Royal Canadian Mint and this design was selected to become the 2020 Gold Pysanka Coin released in Canada honoring the history of Ukrainian immigrants and their Ukrainian heritage. Painting, gardening, reading, fermenting, art history and cats also play various roles in my creative process.  

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