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z #21 - Demo 4: Daena Diduck - Trypillian Bands and Motifs - Sunday June 14, 9:30am-10:3am

Trypillian Bands and Motifs

Daena Diduck

In this demo I will share:

    • How to drawTrypillianbands

    • How to draw other typicallyTrypillianmotifs onpysanky

    • How to draw a complexTrypillianstyle pysanka fromtheHorodetskybook

Please bring your pencil and eggs to draw on.Wewill sketchthepatterns on eggs and paper for you to learn the technique to be waxed at a later time.

Cost: $10/person Maximum 15 participants

About Daena:

I am a Pysanka writer originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and am now based in Calgary, Alberta. I started writing pysanky in the 1stgrade as part of the Ukrainian Bilingual program in Saskatoon at St. Goretti School. I now do demonstrations and mostly intermediate classes of Pysanky writing.

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