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09 - Lithuanian Drop-Pull (non-beginner) - Mar'yana Svarnyk - Friday August 18th - 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Lithuanian Drop-Pull (non-beginner)

with Mar’yana Svarnyk

Friday August 18th - 1:30pm - 3:30pm - Borealis Green Room

If you have some experience of drop-pull already and are looking for ways to expand your library of drop-pull designs and solutions, this class is for you.

We will examine samples of traditional Lithuanian drop-pull designs from the classic 1982 volume Lithuanian Easter Eggs by Antanas Tamošaitis, which is a superb ethnographic work on the subject.

We will study motifs and elements of design that appear to be unique to Lithuanian drop-pull eggs, including what I consider to be the Lithuanian versions of “Mother Goddesses” and “The Tree of Life”. 

You will create 1-4 Traditional Lithuanian Drop-pull eggs.

The class will be a combination of a 30 min. mini-lecture and a 90 min. workshop. 

A hand-out with a number of traditional samples will be provided. The eggs and drop-pull tools (including the wax heaters) will NOT be provided, you will need to bring your own or purchase them from Ukrainian Eggcessories.

 What to bring:

-        Drop pull tool

-        Wax heater (+candle if required)

-        1-4 eggs (with a basic division)


Previous experience with drop-pull technique is required.

Cost: $25 CAD per student. Please pay in cash for this workshop at the registration table Thursday morning.
Maximum: 20 participants

About Mar'yana:

Mar’yana was born and grew up in Ukraine, where she learnt how to make common as well as drop-pull pysanky initially from her grandmother, and later also from others. She is particularly interested in traditional pysanky patterns, as well as in the use of natural dyes on eggs. She is also very much fascinated by the history of dyes and their use and significance in different times and places.

Mar’yana has just completed a PhD thesis on the intersection of German philosophy and Canadian art. 

She currently lives in Regina, SK, Canada.