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Black Display Box - Small

Best for a Chicken egg or smaller.

Black 3D Transparent Film Display Box with Stand - Inside Frame comes in a Round or Square Center.

These black display stands suspend your pysanka in a transparent film. Best used with an empty pysanka. 

The box opens up to show a transparent film on both sides. You may need to stretch out the film a little to hold your egg. Make sure there is lots of room around your pysanky when you place your finished pysanky inside. If there's not enough room, the film may put too much pressure on your pysanky and breakage can happen. Please close the frame with extra care and then set in the base to display.

These are a great way to gift your pysanky or to display at craft fairs. People can pick up your pysanky without actually touching your egg.

Comes in two styles. A round inside frame or a square inside frame  

9cm x 9cm x 2cm - best for chicken egg or smaller