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Egg Plugs - White Mini (2mm) 25pcs

These mini egg plugs just might be the cutest you've ever seen! They do an amazing job of keeping the dye out of your egg.

You see, the worst thing that can happen when you are working with an empty egg is the dye seeps into the inside of the egg shell.  Egg shells are porous, so if the dye makes its way into the egg shell, then it will find a way to come back out often ruining your design in the process.

If you've ever seen bubbles or blotches on your dyed egg shell, then you know what I mean. *Frustration*

These egg plugs are so soft that they mold themselves to fill up the hole in your egg.  This plug is 2mm in diameter and work great with a chicken or quail egg.  This always depends on the size of your drain hole so please measure before you purchase.  

This package comes with 25 pysanky plugs!

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