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13A & 13B - Thinking outside the box - Mark E Malachowski - Saturday August 19th & August 20th - 10:15am-12:15pm

Thinking outside the box and Stepping out of your comfort zone

with Mark E Malachowski

Part A - Saturday August 19th 10:15am-12:15pm - Green Borealis Room


Part B - Sunday August 20th - 10:15am-12:15pm - Green Borealis Room

Total class time: Total of 4 hours, split 2 days, 2-hour session each day

Skill level: Advanced

In this class we will:

  • Create an original batik egg design finding inspirations from random found items.
  • These items I will put in the box and the box will be sealed.
  • Students will receive:
    • A little white box – in the box there will be 3 random items to be used as inspiration.
    • students will also pick 2 sealed envelopes: one will have a photo of an image (random picture, nature, a cool design etc. the second will have one color chip.  
    • These items will be used to help them create their original batik egg design.
    • The random items 

 The first half of class time I will introduce the design project.

  • There will be a drawing activity – this will be announced and explained in class.
  • Students will pick their white box and two envelopes.
  • Students will begin to sketch out their design on graph paper.
  • They will sketch, draw and then refine their designs.

I will demonstrate using the graph paper, encourage students and guide them throughout the class time.

Second half of the class time will be time devoted to developing/creating their batik egg design.

  • We will cover basic color theory (color wheel, color combinations/schemes and placement).
  • Students will choose a color combination/scheme of their choice but, based on the color chip they received/picked that was in one of their envelopes.  
  • Once the students design is complete, they will draw/transfer their design to the goose and begin to wax in their design and begin to apply the dye.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
– Vincent van Gogh

What the student needs to bring to class: 

  • Drawing pencil(s), ink pen (I like the zebra 401)
  • A goose egg (small, medium or large) – sanded if you’d like (we can demo sanding).
  • Craft/watercolor brushes – round tip various sizes – a #2, 4, 6 or 8.
  • Kistky – various tips – interchangeable if that is what you use and then wax.

What will be provided to the students:

  • Graph paper
  • Little white box with “secret items” inside.
  • 2 sealed envelopes 1 with an photo in it and the second with a paint chip in it.
  • Color charts, color wheel handouts along with description/instruction of the design project.

Maximum: 20 students

Cost: $55 CAD per student includes material. Please pay in cash for this workshop at the registration table Thursday morning.

About Mark:
I am an artist and consider myself a painter but, like to explore and experiment with other mediums. I have been designing my batik eggs since 2002 and been hosting weekend Batik Egg Workshops in Cleveland for many years. Recently I’ve taken my workshops on the road with acouple“PopUp Batik Egg Workshops”.

In October 2020 I will be hosting along with Linda Hupert the first annual “Pysanky On The River” batik egg event in Cleveland,Ohio.