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18 - Pysanky Hacks & Game Changers - Michael Kealy - Saturday August 19th - 7:30-9:30pm

Pysanky Hacks & Game Changers

With Michael Kealy

Saturday August 19th - 7:30pm - 9:30pm - Borealis Green Room

Maximum: 30 participants

Cost: $25 CAD per student. (Includes a handout and a couple of my favourite things) Please pay cash for this workshop at the registration table Thursday morning.

The Hacks

  • Two of my favourite tools for keeping my kistka tips clean
  • The best pencil that doesn't leave lines on your finished pysanka
  • How to divide your egg and get perfect sections every time
  • My favourite tools for getting precise design layouts on my eggs
  • Tips for cleaning up mistakes
  • Creating usable colour swatches to help you pick the best colours for your pysanka
  • How to write smoother and even double lines
  • Jedi mind tricks that help hide unsteady lines
  • How to preserve your colours and remove pencil lines during dewaxing

Game Changers

  • My 48-Triangle Project:You've seen my 48-triangle series using all 27 Ukrainian Eggcessories dyes at the retreat or on the Facebook page, I'll talk about how this adventure catapulted me out of beginner frustration, what I learned about dyes and colours, and how this game changer made learning more complicated divisions easier and faster.

  • Twee's Freezer Method:How to save an empty egg that's blotchy, not taking colour, or bleeding dye and ruining your pysanka.

  • Duck Eggs Aren't as Fragile as We Think:Learn how to get duck eggs to soak up the dye and produce more brilliant colours. Duck eggs aren't as fragile as people have been telling us, learn all the techniques and results from my intensive six-month experiment.

  • NEW Dye Colours from Ukrainian Eggcessories:My six-month experiment on combining existing Ukrainian Eggcessories dyes has created some exciting new colours. I'll teach you how to mix them so you can create your own new colours. You'll also learn how to layer dyes to create beautiful new colours on your pysanka.

About Michael:
I am a pysankarko who returned to writing pysanky over two years ago. I bought my first pysanky book in 1991 and taught myself to write. After a year or so, I took a two-decade-long break then rediscovered pysanky during the pandemic. I've been writing eggs ever since and do so year round.

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