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06A & 6B - Bizzy Advanced Bee Pysanka Class - Theresa Somerset - Friday August 18th & Sunday August 20th, 8:00-10:00am

“Bizzy Advanced Bee” Pysanka class 

with Theresa Somerset of Precision Art Studio/Pysanky USA

Part A - Friday August 18th 8:00-10:00am - Green Borealis Room


Part B - Sunday August 20th - 8:00 - 10:00am - Green Borealis Room

Total class time: Total of 4 hours, split 2 days, 2-hour session each day and there will be assigned homework on the first night

Skill level: Advanced

Students will divide their egg in eighths, create hexagonal border and measure with paper strips, use circular templates, draw out their bee motif, and start to wax design in. Students will have several optional add-ins to embellish and personalize their pysanka. Instructor will briefly show a tiny bit of shading and highlighting with the dyes.

Students will not finish egg in class but will be able to finish during the duration of the retreat or take home and finish.

Class includes:  Goose egg

A Black and white pattern sheet to use in class and step by step instruction sheet to take home with a guide on how to finish the egg and color suggestions

Circular templates or suction cups

Grided increment sheets for measuring

Quilling strips/cosmetic swabs

Students bring:

Their own kistky, electric or candle flame where applicable (and cleaning wire)

Tip sizes- fine, medium, and heavy for fill (extra fine if you really want to “get in there” with some extra line work)

Favorite wax (tinted is best to be able to see)

Favorite drafting pencil with lead .2, .3 or .5 (otherwise instructor will have extras on hand to use

Cleaning wire

Lathe if student has one, otherwise there will be two or three from instructor to borrow

Extras: Instructor will have tape measures, scissors, drafting pencils, compasses, small paintbrushes, and vinegar for correcting drawing, drafting pencils


Class size: 15

Class fee: $50 class fee plus $5 material fee = $55.00CAD. Please pay either $55.00 CAD or $40.50 USD in cash for this workshop at the registration table Thursday morning.

Theresa Somerset – Egg Resume
Self-taught, writing for 20+ years, 20 years of Ukrainian Egg demonstrations for various galleries and institutions. Private classes through Precision Art Studio, Vermont Instruction: Pysanky USA retreat 2016-2019, multiple classes at Pysanky on the River retreat instructor 2021-2022, Pysanky Egg-sperience Rochester retreat instructor 2022, Elegant egg show, Easton, PA instructor 2022. Written multiple “How-to” articles for egg decorating publications 

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