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#6 - Let’s Make Eggshell Jewelry with Genevieve Whiteley - Saturday August 20th - 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Let’s Make Eggshell Jewelry


By Geneveive Whiteley

Saturday August 20th - 1:00pm - 3:00pm - Event Tent

During this Hands-On Demo I will:

  • demonstrate the techniques involved in making eggshell jewelry.
  • go over all aspects of cut jewelry from the type of shells that tend to work best to the easiest shapes to cut and fill the backs of. (As well as the most difficult)
  • share how to ensure your shell is completely wax free before coating it in resin
  • show you how to fill your quail eggs using a syringe. 
  • quickly demonstrate or show a video of how various shapes are cut out as well as how I cut quail eggs in half.
  • also have examples of how to space your pieces out on the shell to avoid wasted space or losing pieces.
  • we will go over the best types of resin to use and how to mix them for the best results.
  • give you tips and tricks I have learned along the way

All the while we will each make our own mosaic pendant so please bring: 

  • a piece of a broken pysanka that you want to preserve or a full pysanka you want to break. I will have a couple shells that you are more than welcome to use. 
  • bring a pair of tweezers to help with placement of your pieces
  • The pendant bezels will be provided as well as the resin and I will have lights available to cure them.  

Cost will be 10 CAD person + materials fee of 5$. Please pay Genevieve at the retreat.

About Genevieve:

I have been practicing the art of Pysanky for about 15 years and started making jewelry out of it about 5 years ago. It’s nice to be able to share the beauty of the art everyday (and it makes it way easier to explain my obsession to new people I meet😉) I am a mother of 4 cats and an avid gardener so the themes of cats and flowers regularly are found on my jewelry and eggs.