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August 02, 2020 2 min read

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Beeswax to Seal Eggshell Holes

When it comes to writing intricately decorated eggs, or pysanky, one of the most common questions we encounter is about the use of beeswax to plug the drain hole of your eggshell. This is a critical step in the process to ensure eggshell dyes do not get inside your egg it will significantly influence the final outcome of your artwork. But what are the pros and cons of using beeswax for this purpose? Let's delve into those.

Advantages of Beeswax

First and foremost, beeswax is readily available. This natural substance can be found in many craft stores, and of course, always in stock at Ukrainian EggCessories. This means you can easily purchase beeswax whenever you need to embark on your egg artistry journey.

Secondly, beeswax affords you the flexibility to handle any size or shape of hole in your eggshell. No matter how big or small, or irregularly shaped the hole might be, you can use beeswax to plug it effectively. If the hole is large, you can use a piece of beeswax as a patch and seal around its edges with a hot kistka. This adaptability makes beeswax a versatile tool in your pysanky toolkit.

Downsides of Beeswax

However, like all things, using beeswax to plug the drain hole of your eggshell does have a few downsides. One notable issue is that the beeswax will mask some of the bare shell, leaving a ring around the drain hole. This can affect the aesthetic value of your pysanka, especially if you're aiming for a perfectly smooth and uniform surface.

In conclusion, using beeswax to seal the drain hole of your eggshell comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It's essential to understand these to make informed decisions when creating your egg artworks. Stay tuned with Ukrainian EggCessories for more insights and tips on your pysanky writing journey.

    Pros and Cons of using beeswax to plug the drain hole Using beeswax as a plug for your eggshell


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