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A Kistka is a wax sylus for beeswax.

You fill the reserviour with beeswas and heat under a candle flame.

When the tool is hot enough, the beeswax flows out of the tip like ink out of a pen.

This allows you to write your designs on your Ukrainian Easter Egg with the beeswax.

Tthe kistka can be held in any way that is comfortable, but most people will hold it as they do a pencil, with their fingers just above the barrel for more control. practice holding a kistka at right angles to an egg, with the tip doing the drawing.

Ukrainian EggCessories is proudly Canadian yet supports the art of pysanky and egg art worldwide

Safety First: Remember that the kistka sleeve and writing tip is very hot when heated and combined with the hot beeswax, it can leave a severe burn. Always have a safe place to hold your kistka when not in use. Try our silicone kistky holders. They work perfectly for this.