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Pysanky Toronto 2022

Pysanky Toronto 2022 

Pysanky Toronto 2022 was an amazing success of fellow pysanky artists and Eggers who gathered for a full four days to celebrate all things pysanky. Our group arrived from across Canada and the USA on Thursday August 18th, 2022 and stayed until Sunday Augst 21st, 2022.

In the heart of Ukrainian EggCessories headquarters, creativity and camaraderie unfolded as we hosted Pysanky Toronto 2022. Amidst the challenges posed by Covid-19 and the loss of our usual event space, we made a bold decision to hold the retreat on our premises. And what a memorable experience it turned out to be!

Our headquarters transformed into a bustling hub of activity, with an event tent set up outside and tables spanning across the main and second floors. Sixty pysanka enthusiasts gathered over four days to celebrate this beautiful art form, each bringing their unique energy and perspective.

Despite the changes, everyone adapted wonderfully, embracing the new setup and making the most of the opportunities it presented. The pool became a refreshing retreat, while the event tent served as a community space where participants connected, shared stories, and enjoyed all the catered meals.

But Pysanky Toronto 2022 was more than just about creating pysanky. It was about coming together as a community. Good food, good people, and great workshops were the order of the day, fostering an atmosphere of learning, sharing, and enjoyment.

An impromptu fundraiser for our fellow pysanky writers in Ukraine added a meaningful dimension to the retreat, reminding us that at its core, pysanky is not only an art form but also a symbol of unity and solidarity.

In the face of adversity, Pysanky Toronto 2022 demonstrated the resilience and spirit of our community. As we look back, we are filled with gratitude for the memories created and the bonds formed. Here's to the power of art and community!


Pysanky Toronto 2022