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Pysanky Love Colour



Ukrainian EggCessories has 20 colours in our eggshell dye line. The colour combinations you now have with these 20 colours will help you create the traditional pysanky designs with ease as well as give you options to explore fun new colour combinations. 

You'll also notice that all our dyes have a Canadian theme. Why'd we do that? Well, because we are Canadian. And these are the only dyes that are mixed and packaged in Canada and we're pretty proud of that.

Plus Canadians are known to be light hearted and fun... so why not let our dyes be the same. 

We want you to have just as much fun with the eggshell dyes, trusting that the dyes have been tested and re-mixed to give you the best coverage and brightness. Our dyes are very comparable with all the other pysanka dye companies so jump in, grab some dyes and have fun!! 

Eggshell Dye Chart