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Pysanky USA Blue Sapphire© Wax

A single 1 once bar of Blue Sapphire© An exclusive to Pysanky USA. 

No more guess work where your pencil line ends, and your wax line begins. Sketch your work on in pencil. Write your design in Blue Sapphire©. The blue colour is dark, yet lets you see your pencil lines. Blue Sapphire© has a fantastic smooth flow, and an excellent coverage for large areas.

This Wax is highly refined and works well with all tips. Recommended for use in electric kistky that run at a lower temperature.

This wax is colorized, use caution if acid etching do not let sit on raw shell for prolonged time. When using traditional kistka it is wise to use an alcohol lamp to avoid soot. As with all colourized wax, slow wax removal with a kitchen oven melt off is not recommended. Wax removal by traditional flame or heat gun is best. A final clean up with a soft lint free cloth and some Ronsonal lighter fluid or mineral spirits will remove any wax debris. 1 oz. Colourized wax. To protect work surface areas, all colourized waxes should be kept in their plastic shipping bags.