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Teal Baby Bee-Puck - 3 pack

Teal Baby Bee-Puck - 3 pack

These adorable Baby BeePucks are perfect for use on dark eggshells or those dyed black first. The light teal beeswax provides an opaque finish on the shell, making it easy to see your wax lines.

Our BeePucks are made from beeswax and a mixture of white and teal colourant, and provides a smooth and consistent wax line with your candle-heated or electric kistka. When your kistka is hot, simply glide the reservoir up the side of the BeePuck to fill, or scrape off small pieces to place inside the kistka reservoir.

Each Baby BeePuck contains 27g of high-quality beeswax, perfect for creating intricate Pysanky designs.

User Note: To maintain the integrity of your kistka, avoid gouging a cold kistka reservoir into a cold block of beeswax, as this may loosen the pen tip.

Happy Pysanky writing!