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Kistka - 03 - XFine - Yellow

Ukrainian EggCessories Extra-Fine Kistka is by far the best deal on the whole website.  

Here's why... because the "X-Fine Candle Kistka" uses the same pen tip as our fabulous electric Kistky.  It works wonders to create even, smooth and consistent lines of melted beeswax when making Ukrainian Easter eggs or other egg art.  The super extra fine lines allow for intricate breathtaking lines that will make any artist (young or old, new or experienced) jump for joy. The lines are really a thing of beauty.

Besides, the glorious lines made possible, a double plus is that all Kistky manufactured and sold by Ukrainian EggCessories have a unique "stainless steel pen tip" which has a long writing life when writing pysanky on egg shells.  

You'll have this Kistka/Stylus forever.

Enjoy a complementary cleaning wire with this order.

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