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Scratch Tools for Driapanky

Driapanky, derived from the Ukrainian word driapaty/дряпати meaning "to scratch", is a unique method of egg decoration that's less common than its counterpart Pysanky. (

It may be less common but it sure is fun. Driapanky is when you scratch designs into a single-coloured dyed egg to reveal the white shell beneath.

These new tools, brought to you by the talented Nadia Gennings, are specifically designed to help you navigate the intricate process of Driapanky, offering precision and control for both delicate and bold patterns.

This listing is for one Scratch Tool only. Choose from the Fine or Standard size or purchase both and embark on a captivating journey of creativity and tradition.

Master the art of Driapanky with Ukrainian EggCessories' Scratch Tools today!