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#03 Glowing Hearts Pysanka Dye

#03 Glowing Hearts Eggshell Pysanka Dye

Glowing Hearts is a reformulated Bright Red Pysanka Dye. It truly is a bright brilliant red that is a traditional colour for a Pysanka. Glowing Hearts can stand on it's own or follow Canola Yellow & Tofino Sunset as the third dipped dye. 

Glowing Hearts represents joy, optimism, enthusiasm, and love - hallmarks of the Canadian spirit. In Ukrainian pysanky it can also symbolize the sacrifice of Jesus Christ as well as more recent acts of courage and bravery in Ukraine.

This colour is great for those who are passionate, enthusiastic, open-minded and full of life.  Heard during the Canadian national anthem, our "glowing hearts" are representative of our passion for our country and our strong Canadian spirit. The emotion and spirit of our national anthem has been embodied in our Glowing Hearts eggshell pysanka dye.