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Electric Kistka - #5 - MediumX Tip - Orange Grip

MediumX - one size larger than Medium

This proven design Kistka or wax writing tool is by far our biggest seller and now comes with a silicone grip.   

The MediumX is the perfect starter electric as it makes smooth medium lines on your pysanka. Wax run like a true medium in this tip.

This Kiskta is made with a non-wearing stainless steel pen tip that will constantly keep the beeswax flowing to aid in long accurate lines. The orange soft silicone handle fits comfortably for long use and stays cool. The handle is ergonomically comfortable. You'll also notice that the beeswax reservoir is large enough so there is no need to constantly add wax. Each Kistka is hand-made and ready to help bring your designs & patterns to life.

Our electric Kistky were designed to give you the best results when used with our honeycomb beeswax.  

This Kistka comes with it's own cleaning wire. 


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