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Magnificent 8 Electric Kistky Bundle

🌟 Introducing the "Magnificent 8" Electric Kistky Bundle with Black Silicone Stand 🌟

Experience unparalleled precision and ease in your Pysanky, Ukrainian Easter Egg, and Egg Art creations with Ukrainian EggCessories' Electric Kistky. Our tools are quickly becoming the go-to choice for artists and enthusiasts seeking to produce their finest work.

The Electric Kistka is a revolutionary heating tool that features a large reservoir for holding and melting beeswax, allowing it to flow seamlessly through the tip like ink from a pen. With our Electric Kistka, you'll enjoy consistent wax temperature, ensuring effortless and exquisite wax designs on your eggs. The buffed stainless steel tip guarantees a silky-smooth writing experience.

Hand-assembled with care, all Ukrainian EggCessories' Kistky boast a unique "stainless steel pen tip" designed by original owners Michael & Gloria Olynyk. The slim handle design is gentle on your hands, and the durable writing tip ensures long-lasting use. Choose from seven pen tip sizes – XXXFine (Green) XXFine (White), XFine (Yellow), Fine (Red), Medium (Black), MediumX (Orange), MediumXX (Purple), and Heavy (Blue) – to create stunning designs in a variety of wax line widths.

As a bonus, this bundle includes a sleek Black Silicone Kistky Stand to keep your electric kistky safe and secure when not in use.

We're also happy to provide a complimentary cleaning wire with your purchase.

Elevate your Pysanky artistry with the "Magnificent 8" Electric Kistky Bundle and let your creativity soar! ğŸŽ¨âœ¨


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