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Silicone Grip Replacements

Silicone Grip Replacements for the Ukrainian EggCessories Electric Kistky

Note: these grips are not universal as they will not fit other brand electric kistky

Please follow these directions to replace your grip:

  • Shut off electric kistka & let cool
  • You must remove the pen tip from the aluminum hub before putting on the new silicone grip.
  • Remove the pen tip by following the photo below

  • Place the pen tip on a thick surface (cutting board works well) and gently push down on the aluminum hub until the pen tip pops out.
  • Do not push down where the aluminum hub meets the handle so as not to loosen the joint
  • Once the pen tip is out, clean off the old grip. You may want to use a X acto knife to cut away the old grip.
  • Clean off any residue with Goo Gone and then use mineral spirits to clean off the rest of the residue. Let dry.
  • Put the new silicone grip over the handle by pushing on from the aluminum hub end. You can choose to put the thick or thin end of the silicone grip on the handle and try each way to decide which end of the grip you like closer to the tip.
  • Then push the tip back into the aluminum hub. A gentle tap with a small hammer may be needed. The tip should stay in place.
  • If you notice the pen tip is loose, you can wrap the tip with a small piece of aluminum foil and place back in.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Kathy:  


These Silicone grips come in the following colours:

White: XXFine Tip

Yellow: XFine Tip

Red: Fine Tip

Black: Medium Tip

Orange: MediumX Tip

Purple: MediumXX Tip

Blue: Heavy Tip