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Pysanky of Cherkasy - Vadim Mytsuk

Pysanky of Cherkasy by Vadim Mytsyk

56 Pages - 2019 - Softcover - Ukrainian

This book shows some of the oldest pysanky in Ukraine that can be found in the Cherkasy region. Most photos are paintings of different designs and are fun to copy, knowing you're recreating these rich designs from long ago. These folk designs are from Vadim Mytsuk's collection from many years of research and definitely worth having on your bookshelf.  


Pysanky of Cherkasy are among the oldest in Ukraine. They have been known since the time of the Chernyakhiv culture, from the princely period of Kyivan Rus and have lived in the Middle Dnieper region for many years up to the present day. Fragments of decorative tableware paintings of the Trypil civilization are also presented, which are painted in an oval and have Easter motifs. The collection is based on the author's collection, as the fruit of long-term collecting and research work. This miniature of Ukrainian decorative art reveals the talent, imaginative thinking and love for the beauty of the native land of the people of the Shevchenko region.

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