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Pysanky in the 21st Century

"Pysanky in the 21st Century" by Helen Badulak, Master of Pysanky

"Pysanky in the 21st Century" is a unique book that puts a new spin on the traditional folk art of Ukrainian Pysanky (Easter Eggs). During each century, traditions evolve, change, and expand. While sticking to the foundation of the folk art, Helen Badulak has spent the last 35 years mastering Ukrainian Pysanky and turning her work from a folk art into a fine art. This book records her expertise by giving advise and design documentation.

Book includes:
- Over 1,500 original and unique advanced designs.
- Discussion of the tools Helen uses along with secrets and tips along the way.
- Detailed information on how to choose the best canvas (eggshell) wisely. Also included are charts documenting the effectiveness of each shell type used for decorating.
- Step-by-step instruction for 16 of Helen's most advanced designs. She challenges artists to do their best in this chapter.
- Library of designs that features photographs and collages of Helen's Pysanky. Included are photographs of family and captions that explain about Helen's Pysanky over the last 35 years.
- A biography written by Kristina Schaeffer that creatively documents Helen's travel as a girl in Ukraine to her new life in the United States. This is the first time that Helen admits why decorating Pysanky is such an important part of her life.

Pysanky Collectibles is Helen Badulak's and her family's Pysanky business. Joining her are her daughter, Nina Badulak-McDaniel, and granddaughter, Kristina Schaeffer. Pysanky Collectibles is proud to present Helen's three and a half decades of dedication, intricacy, persistence, and love within the pages of "Pysanky in the 21st Century".

This book lifts the hearts and spirits of those who open its pages.

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