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The Ukrainian Folk Pysanka - Vira Manko - English

The Ukrainian Folk Pysanka - Vira Manko - English version 

Vira Manko shares her knowledge of Traditional Folk Pysanky from Ukraine. This hard cover book has 41 pages of written information that tells about the folk customs and traditions of the pysanka as well as the symbolism and stories and legends that leave the reader understanding the depth of this art form on eggs.

Table of Contents:

What Does The Pysanka Tell Us?
Folk Customs and Traditions
The Symbolism of the Ukrainian Pyanka
Pysanka Stories and Legends
How to Write a Pysanka

Follows are 38 beautiful pages full of photos of pysanky designs from different Regions in Ukraine. All pysanky in the book were written by Vira Manko, Maryana Verkhova, Taras Horodetskyi, Zoriana Hrehoriychuk and Maria Yanko.

This book is a wealth of information and is a must have for those interested in traditional folk pysanky of Ukraine.