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Vira Manko - Pokuttian Folk Pysanky

Vira Manko has just published a new hardcover book, "Pokuttian Folk Pysanky"!

Vira Manko shares her knowledge and recreations of pysanky from Pokuttian Folk Pysanky from Ukraine. This hard cover book tells how pysanky are written in Pokuttia along with information on colours, divisions, ancient symbols and special characteristic features of some centres of Pysankarstvo.

We will all remember Pokuttian Pysanky after reading this book, and the photos are eye candy to pysanky enthusiasts.

Vira Manko has been collecting pysanky and designs for years at the Easter markets of Zabolotiv and Kosiv, and has recreated many pysanky from Pokuttia (the small ethnographic region adjacent to that of the Hutsuls).

In the book are 91 tables/plates with 12 individual pysanky each, as well as 15 pages with compositions with pysanky. There are also photos from the market in Zabolotiv.

We thank Luba Petrusha from who helped translate the first 35 pages into English.


This book is 200 pages big, it's heavy, gorgeous and worth it!

The main body of text is bilingual, in Ukrainian and English.

Format 21 x25

weight 850 grams.

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