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Eggshell Cleaning Kit Instructions

Eggshell Cleaning Kit Instructions


  1. Mark an "X" in pencil on the eggshell where you would like the hole. Use the mini hand drill to make a hole in the centre of the "X" by slowly twirling it back and forth, using light pressure.
  2. If you prefer a larger drain hole, use our Egg Reamer  tool to enlarge the hole. 
  3. Insert a straightened paper clip and thoroughly break up the yolk inside the egg, careful not to crack the surrounding eggshell.
  4. Holding the egg above a receptacle with hole facing downward, insert the blower needled and slowly squeeze are into the shell, blocking the hole in the bellows with your thumb. Remove the needle from the egg to allow for the contents to come out. Repeat until contents are emptied. 
  5. After the egg has been emptied, the blower can be used to rinse the shell with soapy water. Repeat until water runs clear.
  6. To help shells dry, insert a rich make from a small twisted piece of paper towel into the hole. Place egg with hole facing down in an egg carton lined with paper towel.
  7. Always clean the egg blower after use by rinsing with soapy water, pumping out excess water, and allowing to dry before storing.