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06. Acid Etched Poppy Egg - Natalie K Kit - Thursday July 18th - 3:30pm-5:30pm

Nothing speaks to me better that summer is arriving, than the brilliant nodding poppy heads in the breeze.

In this hands-on workshop, students will have the opportunity to experience some of my creative processes and to write one of my original, acid-etched poppy designs created for UEPR2024.

Here are a few examples of my original designs that were inspired by the poppies that bloom in my flower gardens every year and in a style that I continue developing and exploring. Although not a common motif in pysanky, the poppy is entwined with Ukrainians and commonly grows in sunflower fields and home gardens in Ukraine. The popularity of this brilliant, beautiful flower continues to grow as a design on eggs, and I know of no one who doesn’t love poppies.

The workshop will include the following:
  • Safety first; an overview of products that can be used for acid etchingsafety steps that must be followed, and talk about the pros and cons of various acid products. I will also introduce an unexpected and fun surprise twist to provide an extra challenge.
  • One sectioned egg and a very basic placement of the poppies and their general flower shapes will be provided. The students will refine the flower shapes and the leaves. Elements of the poppy design are not intended for general use nor posting without the author's consent and acknowledgment of the design author, Ancient Roots Designs, Natalie K Kit.

What to bring:

  • The use of nitrile gloves is recommended while working to reduce pencil smudging and to maintain a better grip on the egg. Gloves will also be needed for the etching as well as a soft brush for scrubbing. After the etching of the main outlines is completed, I encourage you to explore the poppy through the use of dye shading and kistka work and to explore your creativity by stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • A variety of kistka tip sizes should be used for creating the design, requiring Heavy or MXX, MX, and M (extra heavy, heavy, and medium kistka tips are recommended before etching.) All tips should be thoroughly cleaned out for superior wax flow required forcoverage for etching. 
  • Only electric kistky are permitted at the venue or electric wax melting pots. If you need any, both will be available through Ukrainian EggCessories.

    This is a completely hands-on workshop. Experience is recommended, however, beginners looking for a real challenge will not be disappointed. Take away material with etching instructionsand other pointers will be provided.

    Cost: $30 CAD per person -25 person maximum

    About Natalie:

    Writing pysanky is an art and tradition that has been part of most of Natalie’s life and learned from her mother. Creating a pysanka has never lost that intrinsic sense of magic and mystery; an activity where the motion of writing often provides entry into a creative universe where new ideas and perspectives come to life. Acid etching is a favourite specialty, although traditional Ukrainian folk pysanky area favourite too.

    In the first annual juried Pysanka Exhibition in Toronto in June 2019, at the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Ontario Branch, Natalie’s acid-etched ostrich egg pysanka was awarded First Place in this category, with two-second placements for other etched pysanky.

    She was requested to submit an original design to the Royal Canadian Mint that was selected to become the 2020 Gold Pysanka Coin released in Canada as well as the Silver Pysanka Coin that was released in 2023. These coins honour the history of Ukrainian immigrants in Canada and their Ukrainian heritage. Painting, gardening, reading, art history, fermenting, and cats also play various roles in her creative process.  

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