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#25 Blue Jay Feather Pysanka Dye

Blue Jay Feather is a very strong eggshell dye. You'll notice there isn't much powder in the package because the dye powder is very strong. Blue Jay Feather is a new light blue eggshell dye. It can give you variations of blue shades depending on the length of your dye dip. Give it a quick dip for a lighter blue or leave it in for a stronger baby blue colour.

Blue Jay Feather Represents:

Peace and healing. This shade of blue has the ability to soothe the soul while simultaneously invigorating the mind - it is the perfect antidote to stress induced by the busyness of life.  

Blue Jay Feather Name: It is said that finding a Blue Jay feather means you are encouraged to follow your highest dreams and desires. It is illegal to keep a Blue Jay Feather but seeing one and holding one can be taken as a sign of confirmation that you are being protected along the way and that you shouldn’t feel insecure about yourself in any way, you’ve got what it takes. A Blue Jays feather is a beautiful physical symbol of encouragement to cross your path. Our Blue Jay Feather Pysanka dye will still bring the same energy to your Pysanky. A Blue Jay feather is definitely a positive sign and you should feel happy and thankful for this symbol to have crossed your path.

This blue is often used as the blue of the Ukrainian flag on a pysanka.