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#15 Kalyna Red Pysanka Dye


#15 Kalyna Red Eggshell Pysanka Dye

This is a rich red pysanka dye. It's glorious and fun to use. It covers fast and strong with a very rich red colour. Play around and have fun. Kalyna Red is a perfect colour to follow Canola Yellow and Tofino Sunset in a traditional pysanka design.

Kalyna Red Tip: Sometimes covers too strong and will not let another colour cover it. If this is the case, wash back with ivory dish soap (or other dish soap), dip back in a vinegar bath to prepare the eggshell to take another dye and then dye again. 

Kalyna Red represents happiness, hope, joy & fun. Of course being a true rich red, it also symbolizes love and passion and now in the Christian era it often represents the blood of Christ and his passion. This is why most Easter Baskets have at least one red pysanka in the basket to be blessed. 

Symbolic of beauty and family, among other things, Kalyna is an ethnic and national symbol of Ukraine. The Kalyna berries are known for their gloriously red hue. Our Kalyna Red dye replicates the bold vibrance of this pure red colour.

Kalyna is very special to all Ukrainians and why here in Canada and in other places around the globe, you find dance groups, Ukrainian stores and groups called Kalyna! Ukrainians carried their heritage here to Canada and so today, we honour all who brought their culture and especially this art form of Pysanky to share with us and the rest of the world!! Enjoy using Kalyna Red Eggshell dye to create beautiful pysanky.