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#05 Okanagan Wine Pysanka Dye

#05 Okanagan Wine Eggshell Pysanka Dye

Okanagan Wine eggshell Pysanka Dye is a stunning dark, rich red that works very well on a Pysanka egg design. Okanagan Wine works nicely as a darker red on your pysanka.  Borealis Green or Sweetgrass would be a nice complementary colour on any pysanka design. 

Okanagan Wine represents life full of love, passion, sophistication, individuality, wisdom and optimism. This colour understands that wisdom comes with time and experience, and that achievements no matter how big or small are worth celebrating.

The Okanagan Valley, located in the interior of British Columbia, is known for the wonderful wine they produce. The deep and powerful colour of their red wines has been encompassed in our Okanagan Wine pysanky dye. The bunches of wine grapes trailing on our dye envelopes will trick you into wanting to drink what's in this package but remember... it's not edible Okanagan Wine. ;)