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#08 Laurentian Green Pysanka Dye

#08 Laurentian Green Eggshell Pysanka Dye

Laurentian Green is very similar to a Christmas Green.

Laurentian Green Tip: This dye is best to paint on with a brush or a Qtip... it can be dipped if used as a last colour or if it's dipped to cover large areas, a wash back to white with ivory soap and then a quick dip in 10% vinegar will allow another colour to cover.

Green often plays a small part in a pysanka's overall colour scheme but in some areas of Ukraine takes centre stage on the egg. Laurentian Green representsmany things like spring, hope, freshness and renewal. It's also about health and recovery.

The Laurentian Forest is a beautiful landscape full of life and colour that connects the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River together. Our Laurentian Green dye captures the elegant liveliness found throughout this magnificent city of trees.