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#09 Crown Purple Pysanka Dye

#09 Crown Purple Eggshell Pysanka Dye

Crown Purple eggshell dye is a strong stunning dye colour that is best used as a last colour dip for your pysanka design. Glacier Turquoise, Borealis Green or Sweetgrass as well as Yukon Gold or Tofino Sunset would all look wonderful beside Crown Purple. 

Crown Purple Tip: This dye is strong and beautiful and best to paint on with a brush or a Qtip... it can be dipped if used as a last colour or if it's dipped to cover large areas, a wash back to white with ivory soap and then a quick dip in 10% vinegar will allow another colour to cover.

Crown Purple represents royalty, luxury, & ambition but also peace, devotion, trust and faith.

Throughout the history of Canada, and even beforehand, Britain has been a major part of our country’s heritage. In honour of one of the two countries that helped create the Canada we know and love, our Crown Purple dye concentrates the elegance and majesty of the monarchy into one powerful hue.