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Alcohol Burner - 30ml

Alcohol Burner - 30mL

When you’re tired of struggling with dollar store tea lights try these alcohol burner lamps. Use them with denatured alcohol for a hot, clean flame. This helps keep your manual kistky nice and hot and at the perfect temperature for writing pysanky with smooth wax lines.

This lamp is very small and perfect for short writing sessions. These are especially helpful to Pysanky teachers during Pysanky classes. Having students use a small alcohol lamp will ensure they have a successful result writing pysanky.


1 x 30ml (1 oz) Alcohol Burner Lamp Glass

Width: 4.2cm
Capacity: 25ml
Fuel: Denatured Alcohol (not included)
Quantity: 1 PC
Package includes:1 x 30mL Alcohol Burner Lamp Glass, wick, and wick cover  

Safety is the # 1 priority when working with flammable materials. You and you alone are responsible for your own safety and the safety of those around you, especially when working with flammable liquids and fire. Work in an area free of flammable objects (e.g. the can of fuel) and always work with a fire extinguisher nearby. Be smart.  Don’t burn your house or apartment complex down.  Never leave a lit alcohol lamp unattended.