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Cloudberry Coral Pysanka Dye

Cloudberry Coral Eggshell Pysanka Dye (limited edition)

Limited Edition

What do you get when you mix Cream Soda Pink and Tofino Sunset Orange by mistake? You get this vibrant and powerful Cloudberry Coral dye colour. Don't add vinegar and you'll have Cream Soda Pink, add vinegar and you'll get a mixture of the two. This is my preference. You'll notice pink take right away, but if you leave your egg in the dye longer, orange starts to creep in leaving you with this strong vibrant berry dye colour. Please note that when mixing, only use 1 teaspoon white vinegar instead of 1 tablespoon. 

Don't use this dye for your treasured designs, just for the fun ones when they can take on any colour.

Cloudberry Coral represents the joy of life! It's a juicy, sweet reminder that each day should be filled with fun and exploration. Its vibrant hue speaks to our inner child, reminding us to take time for play and adventure. 

We honour our Labrador and Newfoundland Canadians with naming this fun dye after the Cloudberry that is usually only grown in their northern regions. One thing we know for sure, is our Newfoundlanders know how to have fun at every turn in the road. Cloudberry Coral will bring back your fascination with play since you'll never truly know how your eggshell is going to take this crazy mix of colour. This dye colour is perfect for our younger writers out there. Have fun! In short, Cloudberry Coral is your invitation to embrace the spirit of youthful delight! This is a great choice for anyone looking to inject a bit of fun into their life and for those who are young at heart and never stop dreaming.

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