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Drop Pull Tool - FolkShop

FolkShop - Drop Pull Tool

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Pysanky Drop Tool & Dotting Pens are used when creating a drop and pull method of decorating pysanky. This method of writing pysanky are usually found in the Lemko or Carpathian regions of Ukraine. Drop-pull eggs are also known to be traditionally Polish that are spelled as Pisanki.

This technique has been enjoyed by many artists who love using beeswax on eggshells. The technique has the end of the pen dipped in hot wax and then dropped and pulled onto the eggshell. Pysanky Drop-Pull pens can also be used when you want to put multiple dots on your egg design.

Tip: Use a candle wax melter to melt your beeswax. Hold the end of the tool into the hot wax for a minute to let the tip of the tool heat up. Lift the tip out of the hot wax when the tip and wax are at the same temperature and start making your designs on your egg.

Do Not: put the tip into a hot flame as the melted wax will just run off the tip also don't heat up the tool in a candle flame and then into cold wax. 

Search Google and YouTube for how to videos on Drop-Pull Pysanky. To learn more visit webpage: