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Egg Plugs - Red Silicone - Large

Egg Plugs - Red Silicone - 4.78mm x 8.74mm x 15.88mm - 5 plugs

This size works well for larger holes in a goose/double turkey/emu eggshell.

The worst thing that can happen when you are working with an empty egg is the dye seeps into the inside. Because the egg shell is porous, the dye ends up coming back out the egg shell and often ruining your design.

If you've ever seen bubbles or round blotches on your dyed egg shell, then you know what I mean. 

These silicone egg plugs are soft enough to mold themselves to fill up the hole in your egg. This plug is 3mm in diameter at the smallest end and gets as big as 8mm at the biggest end. These would work great with a goose or duck egg with larger drain holes. This always depends on the size of your drain hole.