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Embossing Wax For Pysanky

Embossing Wax for Pysanky - 11 colours = 180 grams of wax (limited stock)

Unleash your creativity with our Coloured Embossing Wax, designed specifically for the unique "Coloured Wax Painting" technique used in writing pysanky. This high-quality wax, sourced directly from Ukraine, lends a rich and vivid finish to your Easter eggs, transforming them into stunning pieces of art. 

Unlike traditional pysanky methods, this coloured wax is not removed at the end of the process. Instead, it remains on the egg, providing a beautiful, embossed effect that adds depth and texture to your designs. It's perfect for the drop pull techniques but can also be used in both regular and electric pysanka pens but it’s worth considering one manual kistka per wax colour.

Our package contains an array of 11 different colours -green, white, burgundy, yellow, brown, orange, blue, purple, red, black and natural. Each colour has been chosen carefully to offer a broad palette for your pysanky creations.

Please note: As this wax is designed to remain on the egg, it is recommended to handle your finished pysanky with care to preserve the embossed designs. Many artists spray a water based varnish over their finished designs… only if there is no regular eggshell dye as part of the design as water based varnish will make eggshell dye run.