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Katherine Alexander TikTok Kit

Get ready for your TikTok class with Katherine Alexander Art

Please Note... that until further notice this kit will have a MediumXX Kistka. 

In January 2022, Katherine Alexander taught the art of pysanky for beginners with two format options on TikTok. She also created a series of TikTok videos to guide you through every step of your very first egg: from dye mixing to the wax melting reveal. In addition, Katherine is also hosting a live night where students can create their first pysanky while she demonstrates each step. Both versions are free and meant to help anyone ward off any deep winter blues through this optimistic art. Her hope is that after creating one egg together, students will have the confidence to create more pysanky all season and help usher in spring.

This kit will give you everything you need to use in Katherine's class coming January 2022.

  1. MediumXX Kistka
  2. Black Beeswax Sheets
  3. Yukon Gold, Kalyna Red, & Orca Black Eggshell Dye
  4. Complimentary Cleaning Wire
  5. Pysanka Design Print-Out

 Watch Katherine's How To Videos Here: KatheringAlexandraArtTikTok