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Fundraiser #4 - Keychains For Ukraine

Keychains for Ukraine

Let us pick a keychain just for you!

In Ukraine, it is said, the world can be saved “one pysanky at a time.” Now, Ukraine itself needs saving. Just like the hearts of Ukrainians are being broken, these keychains are made of broken pieces of handwritten pysanky. Pysankari have generously donated pysanky and allowed them to be broken to pieces. The pieces have been set into resin to create key chains, purse charms, zipper pulls, and even pendants.  

The plight of the Ukrainian people has touched the hearts of so many in North America and around the world. 

If you want to help, know that all proceeds from the purchase of these handcrafted keychains will support the children through Unicef - Send Help To Ukraine