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11. Pysanka Doll Workshop - Nadiia Voloshchuk - Friday July 19th - 9:30am to 3:00pm

The first four photos will resemble the pysanka dolls we'll make in this workshop. The other photos of the taller pysanka dolls are original designs of Nadiia's and here as extra examples. 
Pysanka writing and Ukrainian doll making are ancient forms of art, having endured for thousands of years, and both arts are still practiced today in Ukraine and worldwide. Passionate to create something that combined and enhanced the magical qualities of pysanky and Ukrainian dolls, Nadiia Voloshchuk had the idea to combine these two art forms. In doing so, she created a new and innovative art – Pysankova Lyalyaor “pysanka dolls”.

Like every child, each pysanka doll is unique and distinct. Each of Nadiia’s pysanka dolls is an original piece of art and conveys a unique personality. Nadiia‘s first pysanka doll named “Pysankova Lyalya” symbolizes new life and love, which she created for the Etno LyalkaFestival (Lviv, 2016). Her doll “Maky” (poppies) symbolizes remembrance. As a result of the historical events taking place in Ukraine over the past decade, Nadiia created the proud and unbreakable “Yudyta” which she crafted in Hetman style. Nadiia created “Kryla” (wings) in response to the current war in Ukraine as a symbol of our collective hope that Ukraine will soon spread its wings and fly towards a happier, more joyful and brighter future.


Pysanka Doll Workshop

Participants of the Pysanka Doll workshop will gain an understanding of how to make a Ukrainian “pysanka doll” (Pysankova Lyalya) and have the opportunity to create their own original pysanka doll to take home.

The hands‐on workshop will include the following:

  • Familiarization with the traditional arts of Ukrainian pysanky and dollmaking

  • Instructions on how to create a “pysanka doll”

  • All materials to make one pysanka doll (including a finished pysanka on a chicken egg)

  • All pysanka dolls will be mini versions of the photos due to the time constraints of class time.

Cost: $50CAD per person ‐ 25 person maximum. 4 hour class. 

No experience necessary. Not suitable for young children
About Nadiia:

As a child, Nadiia Voloshchuk loved all forms of traditional Ukrainian arts that were available to her. She loved to make pysanky and so she dedicated herself to learning pysancharstvo (pysanka writing). She has been a pysanka artist since 1998. Over time, she also learned the art of making Ukrainian dolls.
Nadiia is a member of the National Union of Folk Artists of Ukraine since 2019. Having arrived in Canada in March 2023, Nadiia has already gained a reputation within the Ukrainian artistic community in the Greater Toronto Area and was invited to join the Ukrainian Association of Visual Artists of Canada (USOM) in the summer of 2023.
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