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Ukrainian EggCessories Pysanky Retreat 2024


Ukrainian EggCessories Pysanky Retreat 2024

July 18th - 21st, 2024

Fanshawe College - London, Ontario

Here’s a PDF of the retreat schedule 

Ukrainian EggCessories Pysanky Retreat 2023

Ukrainian EggCessories Pysanky Retreat 2024

Recognized as the only event of its sort in Canada, it attracts not only local enthusiasts but also participants from all corners of North America and even internationally. 

The Pysanky Retreat hosted by Ukrainian EggCessories is a unique event that encourages participation from all attendees no matter their skill level, although a foundational understanding of Pysanky is suggested.

WHEN: July 18th-21st, 2024


1001 Fanshawe College Blvd, London, ON N5Y 5R6


  • includes breakfast, lunch and dinner Thursday, Friday, Saturday and breakfast and lunch Sunday.
  • bring your pysanky supplies, find a seat at a table and enjoy socializing and writing with fellow pysankarstvo throughout the retreat.
  • Enjoy ready prepared UE dyes to use during the weekend.
  • experience presentations and attend workshops from renowned pysanky artists
  • shop at the onsite vendor market for supplies and unique egg-themed items
  • lodging is extra
  • parking is free

All meals will be in the casual "Outback Shack" a restaurant on site.


The retreat offers a variety of immersive and enriching experiences:


  • Next year's retreat will have a poppy theme. Poppies are a beloved flower in Ukraine as they’ve made their way into Ukrainian embroidery designs and now on pysanky. With rich connections to Ukraine, the poppy is a beautiful and symbolic flower that brings together various themes such as remembrance, hope, and peace. 


  • Connect with fellow egg artists, share tips and techniques, and form lasting friendships within this tight-knit community. The retreat is not only a place to learn and create but also a place to bond with like-minded individuals who share a passion for pysanky.
  • Learn from some of the best pysanky artists through presentations and workshops on various techniques, designs, and materials used in creating traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs. From beginners to advanced eggers, there will be something for everyone to learn and improve their skills.
  • Workshops will announced and made available to book and pay through the UE website Saturday January 13th, 2024 starting at 2pm Eastern Standard time.
  • Each workshop will cost $30 CAD

    1. Basia Barna Andrusko - Secrets to Successful Writing Lemko Pysanky

    2. Carolie Ray Ediger - A Field of Flowers Egg

    3. Gail Lambka - Dancing Girl

    4. Gail Lambka - Sampler Sidebands

    5. Karen Hanlon - Using Cross Stitch Designs on Eggs - Poppy theme

    6. Karen Hanlon - Stained Glass Eggs - Poppy theme

    7. Linda Lishchuk Hupert - The Poppy Flower of Ukraine

    8. Mark Humphreys - Sobrian Eggs

    9. Mark Malachowski - Thinking Outside The Box

    10. Melanie Ferguson - Making Pysanka Jewelry with Epoxy Clay

    11. Michael Kealy - Faux Sgraffito & Tie Dye eggs

    12. Michael Kealy - Measuring UP

    13. Nadia Gennings - Colourized Drapanka & Micro Engraver Uses

    14. Nadia Voloshchuk - Pysanka Doll Workshop

    15. Natalie K Kit - Acid-Etched Poppy Egg

    16. Natalie K Kit - Acid Etching Emu Eggs

    17. Shannon Wallis - Learn to Love Your Craft Lathe

    18. Shannon Wallis - What Your Baba Didn't Know


  • Pysanky has a rich history in Ukrainian culture dating back to ancient times. These intricately decorated eggs were not only symbols of springtime and fertility, but also served as talismans against evil spirits. Learn about the traditional methods and symbolism behind this art form while creating your own unique designs.
  • Get inspired by the breathtaking designs created by fellow attendees at our retreats. With diverse styles and methods, you'll see the limitless possibilities for your own Pysanky creations.
  • On Saturday, there will be a mini marketplace where you can sell your unique pysanky items as well as shop from other attendees selling their items.
  • On the Saturday, we'll open up the doors to the London, ON community to allow them to shop our mini marketplace and attend a beginner pysanky class.
  • Egg Shells To Dye For will be at the retreat to supply all your egg canvas needs
  • Ukrainian EggCessories will have traditional kistkas, electric kistky and wax to modern dye kits and accessories, you'll find everything you need to start or enhance your pysanka-making journey.
  • Ukrainian EggCessories will also bring in items straight from Ukraine that will only be available for those at the retreat.
  • By participating in an egg exchange, you can share and receive a unique egg from other people. This is a fun way to connect with others at the retreat and also allows you to bring back a special souvenir from your trip. Plus, it's always exciting to see what kind of egg someone else brought to the retreat.
  • You may also want to consider participating in attendee goodie bags at the retreat. These bags are typically given out to all participants and are filled with various items that other attendees see as a must have pysanky tool, but also other items are welcome such as snacks, souvenirs, stickers, keychains, small product samples and of course anything poppy themed.  
  • Additionally, it's a great way to show your support for the retreat and the attendees. There will be between 90-100 participants at the retreat. 
  • You may want to collaborate with another attendee to cut down on costs or create a special item specifically for the retreat. Be creative and think about what would make a great addition to these goodie bags.
  • Jeanne Curtis is known for her special tradition of crafting personalized keepsake bio books for retreat attendees. Arriving in her iconic egg mobile, she brings these books filled with bios and contact information, fostering connections and providing a means of staying in touch beyond the retreat. Get to know the wonderful people at the retreat and maintain those connections even after it ends.

  • The retreat also offers a unique opportunity to give back and support a meaningful cause. Every year, we organize a fundraiser to support our Pysankari in Ukraine, who are dedicated to preserving the traditional art of pysanky.
  • By participating in this fundraiser, by donating items, and/or purchasing tickets, you not only contribute to an important cause but also have the chance to win some amazing prizes. It's a wonderful way to make a positive impact and spread joy through the art of pysanky.
    • But wait, there's more! In addition to the amazing workshops and activities planned for the retreat, there will also be some extra surprises along the way. Kathy from Ukrainian EggCessories loves to throw a few surprises into the retreats, you never know what exciting experience awaits you at the retreat. So make sure to pack your sense of adventure and get ready for some unexpected moments that will make your
  • your retreat experience even more memorable.


  • Join the UE Pysanky Retreat Facebook group to connect with fellow attendees, share your progress and ask for advice from experienced egg artists. This is also a great platform to stay updated on retreat news and announcements.



Registration will take place online through the Ukrainian EggCessories website on Saturday January 6, 2024 at 2pm EST for up to 100 participants. 

Cost: $450.00 CAD inclusive of HST and processing fees.

The Ukrainian EggCessories Pysanky Retreat, is excited to welcome our attendees to London, Ontario in July. When we were calculating the cost of our retreat we found that using Fanshawe College meant having to use their caterer, an increase in liability insurance, alongside hidden expenses such as gratuities, transaction charges, and HST, which have raised the registration cost compared to past retreats. Our cost of $450.00 CAD, has all these expenses included in the one price for every participant. We do anticipate that attendees will find that the reduced lodging expenses and complimentary parking will offset the overall expenditure for attendees.

Ukrainian EggCessories discount codes will not be accepted on ticket prices but we will accept Gift Cards. Thank-you.


    1. The large egging room will be available for at least 12 hours a day for our group.
    2. Candles will not be allowed.
    3. All spaces are air conditioned
    4. Free wifi throughout the building
    5. We will have one large egging room, and smaller classrooms for workshops.
    6. Public washrooms are available in our egging area. 

    Here are photos of the egging room - these photos do not show our exact table set up.


    1. Four bedroom suites will be available in one of the student residences across the parking lot of the venue. Each suite has four bedrooms that have their own doors for privacy while how having a common area with couch and table and chairs for socializing with your roommates.
    2. A discount code will be made available to use after registration.
    3. Check in on Wednesday July 17th at 3pm at Fanshawe residences and check out either Sunday July 21st at 11am or Monday July 22nd at 11am.
    4. Four Bedroom Suites at $209/Night for 4 Guests per suite and $229/Night for 8 Guests (if 2 people share a small full size bed) per suite plus HST. If four people share a suite, the price per room would = $59CAD per night. 
    5. The beds are smaller double size beds and best for one person or one cozy couple.
    6. 24 hour front desk support
    7. Check-in to the suites is between 3pm - 12 midnight and check out is 11am.
    8. Attendees will be required to book their own accommodations and find their own roomies. We always make a post in our Facebook group where people can find roommates. A special code and reservation information will come at a later date.
    9. Bedding is included in the suites however there is only a fridge and microwave in the kitchen. The kitchen is empty of kitchen wares.
    10. Alcohol is accepted but not in the hallways of the rooms floors. It may be consumed inside the suites. FYI, there won't be any students on guest floors
    11. See photos here of the residence rooms.


    1. Parking is included in accommodation.


    1. Ukrainian EggCessories will follow government guidelines at the time of the retreat. Covid vaccinations are encouraged but not required for the retreat.
    2. Masks will be optional and at the discretion of each participant.
    3. If someone is sick 😷 we ask you to take a Covid test and if positive stay home.


    Click here to join the Facebook group where we discuss everything you need to know about where to stay and what to bring.

    Please download, print, sign and send a digital copy to Kathy at 




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