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Happy Egging Self-Storing Lathe Table

If you’ve used an egg lathe to make lines from the north to south “poles” on an egg, you’ll know how important it is to have the pencil height juuust right.

If your pencil tip is not the same height as the centre of the lathe’s rotation, your lines will be bowed and inaccurate. The lathe table was designed to help you make lines at the perfect height when used with an everyday hexagonal wooden pencil. You may even find other uses for it…some people use it as a wrist support while egging :)

The table assembles and disassembles in seconds, and can be stacked and “locked” into the lathe when not in use.

Made in Canada from 1/8” laser cut birch plywood.

Lathe Not Included.

Click on this Red link to download a free PDF - Self-Storing Lathe Table User guide

Divider Rings sold separately.

Happy Egging products are designed by Jennifer E Kwong  

NOTE: Our new manufacturer has added a protective masking film to the product to protect the wood from scorching during the laser cutting and engraving process. Table parts from the original batch do not have masking, but the new ones do. Masking is indicated with a red dot. Please check for masking and remove before use.