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Tumbling Egg Dye Cloth

Introducing our new "Tumbling Egg" Dye Cloth. This cloth is specially designed to handle your precious pysanka eggs with care after they've been immersed in eggshell dye. Each cloth showcases each UE dye envelope on a 11" x 11" or 28cm x 28cm cloth.

The cloth is made from absorbent microfibre that gently wicks away excess dye without smudging or disrupting your intricate designs. It's the ideal accessory to ensure your eggs emerge from the dye bath looking their absolute best.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pysanka artist, this dye cloth makes the process of creating beautiful hand-decorated eggs even more enjoyable. Invest in a "Tumbling Egg" Dye Cloth today and experience the difference it makes in your egg decorating journey.

These cloths can also be used in any way you’d use a cloth.  I have one in my kitchen as well as my workspace. 

Care instructions:

  • use the cloths over and over again before washing.
  • hand wash separately in cool water
  • do not wash with other dye cloths (they can colour contaminate each other)
  • do not bleach - they can start to shed after bleaching
  • do not iron